Are Flaschenfees suitable for all dishwashers?

No! In order to find out whether the Flaschenfee is suitable for your dishwasher, check the drawings in the download area to see whether it will fit in your dishwasher. Furthermore, you will find photos of different machines and their dimensions in the Connection Seal category. The Flaschenfee cannot be used in machines with a sprinkler detection function.

I cannot find any suitable seals, what can I do?

We will be expanding our range over time. A seal that is actually intended for another machine may fit your machine. You will find drawings in the download area for this.
If you are uncertain about which seal will fit, simply send us a photo of the water connection of your machine with an extended sprinkler. We will need the upper diameter of hole and the sprinkler supports should also be visible.

Will the Flaschenfee damage my dishwasher?

No! The Flaschenfee will relieve the pump compared to the original sprinkler because the increasing water pressure is lower.

Which programme do I use with my dishwasher?

That’s a matter of preference and depends on the how dirty your bottles are. If you want your bottles to have the fewest possible germs, you should use the 70° programme. If your bottles are already relatively clean, you can simply choose a glass washing programme that is usually complete after 30 minutes.

My machine makes strange noises while washing. What is this?

It may the case that the selected rinse programme is not supplying the Flaschenfee with enough water, which results in the pump idling for a short-period. This can only happen if your Flaschenfee was not filled with water to start with.
Simply open the machine and fill it with approx. 0.5l water.

The seal for the Flaschenfee looks very different to my sprinkler. Will it still work?

This question is asked a lot and the answer is: YES! Our seals have nothing to do with the sprinkler connections. The seals need to be firmly positioned in the hole and must not be able to turn as is the case with the sprinkler. The diameter of the hole is crucial. This must match the diameter of the seal. Then, everything should work!

Can the Flaschenfee be used in commercial machines?

The Flaschenfee was developed for household dishwashers. Therefore, it was never tested in commercial machines. If you have a commercial machine, which the Flaschenfee fits into in terms of size, you can try it at your own risk. We may be able to manufacture a suitable seal for you.

Do I have to block the water outlet, if I need to remove the upper dish rack for 1l bottles?

Generally speaking: NO! Most machines usually have a so-called water point. This ensures that the water pressure is guided either downwards or upwards. It never distributes the water to both outlets at the same time. Therefore, it is irrelevant whether the water outlet on the dish rack remains open or not. Closing it is not recommended because this would result in the pump creating unnecessarily high pressure.

The Flaschenfee does not dock on to the sliding clip in the machine. What can I do?

There a simple and ingenious solution: Simply place one on a cord that is looped around the slide clip in the machine and pull on it gently when you insert the Flaschenfee. This pushes the Flaschenfee and sliding clip together.

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